Mookie Betts- Hits the Ball

Mookie Betts made it easy for the Dodgers ahead by hitting the ball. He then sealed victory against the Giants.

It was a great game for the National League West rivals got the second period off to an exciting start.

Mookie Betts- Great Win

Mookie Betts- Three Run Homer

Trading leads for the final 9-6 Dodgers victory. Betts his three-run homer when he had two runners.

In the eighth inning was the decisive hit, and he also made a stunning diving catch in the game's last.

Mookie Betts- Eight Innings

He just showcased what a great all-around ballplayer he is," Manager Dave Roberts.

Mookie Betts- Showcased

Los Angeles got out to an early advantage and led 5-1 through three innings thanks to the starter Mitch White.

Mookie Betts- Early Advantage

Image Source- New York Posr

However, a difficult seventh inning saw the Giants take the lead on the back of a Darif Ruf grand slam.

Mookie Betts- Seventh Innings

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It was the turn of Betts who smashed an intermediate changeup that was projected by Statcast at 406 feet left field.

Mookie Betts- Intermediate

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