Mookie Betts- Los Angeles Dodgers

Mookie Betts and the Los Angeles Dodgers achieved two achievements during their 4-2 triumph.

Betts hit his 200th homer, turning into the 27th dynamic player to arrive at that aggregate.

Mookie Betts- Dynamic Player

Mookie Betts- Solo Shot

Joined with solo shots from Trea Turner and Freddie Freeman, it was whenever the three Dodgers.

I feel that is what you folks been referring to since March. I wish I did it in the very inning that they did," said Freeman.

Mookie Betts- Folks Referring

Betts drives the Dodgers with 22 homers while Freeman and Turner have 15 each.

Mookie Betts- The Dodgers

They are additionally the group chiefs in batting normal and RBIs. For a group that has depended.

Mookie Betts- Group Chiefs

The Dodgers' hitters getting comfortable with themselves could make things harder for rivals.

Mookie Betts- Comfortable

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Julio Urias threw six innings of two-hit ball for the Dodgers, who have won seven straight.

Mookie Betts- Six Innings

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