Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Mookie Bets is heading to the injured list, manager Dave Roberts announced Saturday night.

Mookie Betts- Los Angeles Dodgers

Betts was removed from Saturday's lineup by Roberts, who previously stated that he didn’t expect the injury.

Mookie Betts- Removed from Lineup

Roberts stated that Los Angeles won 7-1 against the Cleveland Guardians. However, a MRI showed a cracked rib.

Mookie Betts- Against Cleveland

Roberts isn't sure if it is a hairline fracture, or a more serious injury. However, the loss will be devastating.

Mookie Betts- Its Hairline Fracture

This is an impressive performance for a team fighting for first place in National League West with the San Diego Padres.

Mookie Betts- Impressive Performance

Betts suffered a serious injury in the first inning of Wednesday's game against Los Angeles Angels.

Image Source- The Golfing Golf

Mookie Betts- Serious Injury

He collided with Cody Bellinger while attempting to catch a fly ball. Betts continued to play the remainder.

Image Source- Golf Digest

Mookie Betts- Attempting to Catch

Betts was not there. Freddie Freeman had 3 hits, Trea Turer scored, and Cleveland was held to 2 hits by four.

Mookie Betts- 2 Hits by Four

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