LCID Stock- Electric Vehicles

Luxury electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid Group (NASDAQ: LCID) is a reputable risk profile.

Which is tilted toward the positive as the company embarks its multi-year production ramp.

LCID Stock- Company Embarks

LCID Stock- Second Quarter

The second quarter of FY 2022 will see a significant increase in Lucid's reservations, too.

Lucid was able to record more than 30000 reservations for its initial production vehicle.

LCID Stock- Initial Production

The base version, or one of its more expensive variants with higher specs on March 5 2022.

LCID Stock- Base Version

It is anticipate Lucid to unveil between 34 and 35 000 Lucid Air reservations next week.

LCID Stock- TO Anticipate

I estimate an estimated value of somewhere between $3.3B to $3.4B and assuming an average price.

LCID Stock- Estimated Value

Image Source- Market Insider

Where the estimated value of orders was $2.9B investors could anticipate an increase between 14 and 17%.

LCID Stock- Price Value

Image Source- The Moltely Fool

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