Myles Garrett- MVP Award

Russell Wilson, as we all know was never awarded an MVP award. Myles Garrett has not yet received.

Garrett was the first to break the Browns record for sacks in a single season in the last season.

Myles Garrett- First to Break

Myles Garrett- NFL Record Sack

 T.J. Watt beat the NFL record for sacks, and also won the defensive player of the season.

Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons received five votes, while Rams offensive linebacker Aaron Donald had three.

Myles Garrett- Micah Parsons

I mean, how is it that he doesn't be able to get votes for that?" Browns defense line coach Chris Kiffin.

Myles Garrett- To Get Votes

He's all on the field. He's never out of the game. He can affect the game in many different ways.

Myles Garrett- Out of the Game

Garrett has stated that last week, his intention was to earn some votes from the DPOY.

Myles Garrett- That Last Week

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He's been out before everything. He's actually made the move to the next level with regards.

Myles Garrett- The Next Level

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