Myles Garrett- Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns continue to wait for confirmation on the possibility that the quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Star pass rusher Myles Garrett has said that the uncertainty over Watson will not be a burden on the team.

Myles Garrett- Watson Uncertainity

Myles Garrett- The Situations

Doesn't change, no matter the way that the situation plays in the end," Garrett said before the Browns.

NFL's Sue L. Robinson, an ex-federal judge who retired is still considering whether Watson has violated.

Myles Garrett- Ex federal Judge

Watson was accused in lawsuits brought by 25 women of sexual conduct during massages.

Myles Garrett- Accused in the Lawsuit

One of the lawsuits was dismissed when the judge ordered the petition been amended to include the name.

Myles Garrett- The Judge Ordered

Watson and 20 other plaintiffs also agreed to resolve their cases in June. Four lawsuits are still pending.

Myles Garrett- Resolve Their Cases

Myles Garrett- Received Arguments

Image Source- WBRC

Robinson received arguments from Watson's lawyer, the NFL as well as heard arguments.

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