Myles Garrett- For the Fourth Time

Myles Garrett was absent for the fourth time in a row Thursday. Garrett, the Browns All-Pro defensive player.

The league sources confirmed that Garrett was in the company of a critically sick person in the family in Texas.

Myles Garrett- League Souces

Myles Garrett- Two Practice Sessions

The Browns held their first of two practice sessions together with The Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday afternoon.

The coach Kevin Stefanski has been consistent throughout the absence of Garrett, ensuring the amount.

Myles Garrett- Ensuring the Amount

Myles Garrett was exempted from training for the fourth consecutive day to be with an extremely ill family member.

Myles Garrett- Consecutive Days

However, he is now on his way to Cleveland and might be on the field on Friday for the second practice.

Myles Garrett- Second Practice

Garrett did not attend the first joint practice with Eagles Eagles the following Thursday as well as regular sessions.

Myles Garrett- First Joint Practice

Myles Garrett- FirstEnergy Stadium

Image Source- The Spun

The Browns will take on against the Eagles this Sunday afternoon around 1.30 p.m. in FirstEnergy Stadium.

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