Myles Garrett- Baker Mayfield

After it was announced that the Panthers made the announcement they had announced that Baker Mayfield .

The team's starting quarterback position The fans immediately focused their attention on Carolina's matchup in Week.

 Myles Garrett- Matchup In Week

Mayfield was reported to have spoken some wise remarks following Cleveland's preseason final against the Bills.

 Myles Garrett- Against The Bills

Which he stated that he would "f-- up" the Browns in Week 1 According to around the NFL Podcast.

 Myles Garrett- NFL The Podcast

Naturally, news of the comments of Mayfield made it back to Cleveland where his the former player Myles Garrett.

 Myles Garrett - News Of The Comment

We've known he has that type of demeanor and that attitude, and for better or for worse, it works for him.

 Myles Garrett - Work For Him

 Myles Garrett- Statement

Image Source-  Complex, The Spun

I'm not upset about the fact that he's using that fire and the chips on the shoulder of his to help him get at the level that he does.

Garrett and Mayfield were teammates during the last four years. Both were the top.

 Myles Garrett - Top

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