Kevin Stefanski excused Myles Garrett during mandatory minicamp because Garrett didn't want to go.

Myles Garrett- Minicamp

Myles Garrett- Way to Motivate

He probably had a way to motivate Garrett to be the unstoppable beast everyone knows him to be.

He'll have to hit that extra gear to achieve his goal of being named NFL Defensive Player of Year.

Myles Garrett- Extra Gear

The majority of betting sites have Garrett near the top to win the title -- along with Watt (2021 winner).

Myles Garrett- Win the Title

Other top pass-rushers are also interested in the crown: eight of the 10 last winners have had at least 11 sacks.

Myles Garrett- Pass Rusher

Garrett, who broke the Browns single-season record for sacks with 16 last season, believes he can do more.

Myles Garrett- Single Season

He said, "I feel like every year I try something different, add some flavor to my game, and that's nothing.

Myles Garrett- Add Some Flavor

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He said, "I can't say that, I would be giving away all my secrets." "All the D-linemen would try to see.

Myles Garrett- Lineman

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Which five wide receivers he believes are the best. It's not surprising that he included Cooper Kupp.

Cooper Kupp has been Ranked as Top 4