UFC President Dana White has denied Nate Diaz's claim that he's being held hostage during his contract fight.

Nate Diaz- UFC Dana White

Nate Diaz- Remaining Fight

Diaz has one remaining fight on his contract. He has often asked to be released from his deal to explore.

Diaz made an appearance on the MMA Hour, where he ranted about his current situation.

Nate Diaz- An Appearance

Diaz stated that he had been kept hostage in the UFC after claiming that he had demanded five or more fights UFC.

Nate Diaz- More Fights

"I've been working on it. I was trying, a month or two went by and I was ready to go. I've been trying to get this show.

Nate Diaz- Get This Show

They're keeping me in and holding me hostage, but I want out, that's my main objective here.

Nate Diaz- Holding Me

In the aftermath, White has continued to repeat his own plans to win Diaz his last fight.

Nate Diaz- In His Fight

I have to pay you for three fights per year. If I don't beat you more than three times per year.

Nate Diaz- Three Fights Per Year

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