Nathan MacKinnon- One Year Remaining

Nathan MacKinnon still has one year remaining on his contract. He also has the possibility of a $6.3 million.

The Colorado Avalanche - making him one of the most affordable players in professional sports today.

Nathan MacKinnon- Colorado Avalanche

Nathan MacKinnon- NHL Hockey

NHL sources inform Colorado Hockey Now that the MacKinnon camp expects the top center.

To become the most highly-paid player in the league upon his next contract which is currently/

Nathan MacKinnon- Highly Paid

A few NHL notes, and links here beginning with more details about my report last night.

Nathan MacKinnon- More Details

Nathan MacKinnon was looking to become the most lucrative athlete in the NHL by signing his next contract.

Nathan MacKinnon- Lucrative Athlete

On social media, some people misinterpret this is not the norm, but I'm sure the news story.

Nathan MacKinnon- Social Media

Nathan MacKinnon- Next Contract

Image Source- Sporting News

MacKinnon will be paid the highest pay within the NBA when signing his next contract is an expectation.

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