This town knows its food and doesn't mind trying new things. While Italian beef, steak, and tacos.

Hot Dogs Day- Trying New Things

Hot Dogs Day- Ionic Fast Food

Chicago's iconic dog, the Chicago dog, is a key part of the region’s food identity. 

While some may think there is no better place than a noisy ballpark in April, it's not the best time to eat one.

Hot Dogs Day- No Better Place

The institutions that have been serving hot dogs for years are as popular in Chicago as the classic standing-lunch menu.

Hot Dogs Day- Serving for Years

With 19.05 percent, Cleveland's Happy Dog came in second. Mentor's Schooters World Famous Dawg House.

Hot Dogs Day- Dawg House

We couldn't resist the chance to visit Progressive Field to ask Sugardale Hot Dog mascots if they could help us.

Hot Dogs Day- Chance to Visit

Ketchup, Mustard, and Onion took some time from their All-Star preparations to help us.

Hot Dogs Day- All Star Preparations

Image Source- National Day asked readers to nominate their favorite hot-dog stand from a list of 50 restaurants on Yelp.

Hot Dogs Day- Nominate Your Favourite

Image Source- Wallpaper Safari

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