Erick Fedde was able to give up three walks, two hits and two runs over an extended, 36-pitch start at home.

Nationals’ Erick Fedde- Three Walks

Fedde settled into a scoreless inning ( in which he pitched 38 pitches) and then allowed two runs and two hits in the finals.

Nationals’ Erick Fedde- Scoreless Innings

Director Davey Martinez pulled the plug on the Washington Nationals' starter's 11th performance of 2022 at that moment.

Nationals’ Erick Fedde- 11th Performance

"He didn't have any command with his cutter," Martinez said to reporters following Fedde only threw his cutter 12 times.

Nationals’ Erick Fedde- Cuutter 12 times

 He's must continue to get out and make an effort to reach out to the team and to keep us playing And he did it today.

Nationals’ Erick Fedde- Efforts to Reach

Fedde said, as quoted by MASN's Bobby Blanco, that it wasn't so much about which pitch were his best.

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Nationals’ Erick Fedde- Pitch at its Best

I believe it was the batters who were it's this is the very first time how long so many righties in the lineup to my advantage.

Image Source- Federal Baseball

Nationals’ Erick Fedde- My Advantage

It's the place I throw my pitch the most often. It didn't seem to me perhaps, my most effective pitch for today."

Image Source- Washingtonpost

Nationals’ Erick Fedde- Most Effective

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