The new commercial for NBA Forever will honor past and present stars of the league.

To celebrate the film’s release, the NBA and Marvel Studios have teamed up to launch a co-promotional campaign.

The movie, based on the Marvel Comics character Black Panther, will be released nationwide on Nov. 11. 

To promote the movie, the NBA has produced a mashup promo video with an ensemble cast of NBA players.

The players are seen incorporating sneak peeks of the film into their on-court performances.

The league is also using the new campaign to get fans involved in civic engagement.

The league is planning to distribute voter information to its teams in the coming months. 

In addition, teams will use games to promote civic engagement,

It will honor former and current players, communities, and players, and the decades-long tradition.

The campaign will run across television networks and stream on the NBA’s social media platforms.

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