Al Horford, Boston's Bostonian, stated that Darvin was "about as good as you're ever going to see a man.

NBA Black Coaches- About as Good

He's a big competitor." "Extreme competitor. He is a great guy and the Lakers are very lucky to have him.

NBA Black Coaches - A Big Competitor

Bill Russell, the first Black person to coach a NBA team, broke the color barrier in the NBA's coaching history.

NBA Black Coaches - The first Black Person

He accepted the role of player-coach for the Celtics beginning with 1966-67 and winning a championship the second season.

NBA Black Coaches- Role of Player

Al Attles, Lenny Wilkens and Lenny Wilkens became the next Black coaches to be given opportunities.

NBA Black Coaches - The Next Black Coaches

They would become champions. Since Russell was hired, there have been approximately 260 coaches in the NBA.

Image Source- The Spun

NBA Black Coaches - Would become Champion

Most of the Black coaches either didn't last more than three years in their first jobs or never had another chance to lead.

Image Source- ESPN

NBA Black Coaches- More than three years

"For many years, qualified young coaches of colour like Jamahl Moley, Jamahl Molley, Willie Green Jr., etc.

NBA Black Coaches - Qualified Young Coaches

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