While NBA teams hold their final workouts, consolidate their boards, and brainstorm trade ideas for the future.

NBA Mock Draft 2022- Final Workouts

Even the Orlando Magic still do their homework before making their decision on who will be their No. 1 pick.

NBA Mock Draft 2022- Orlando Magic

To best prepare for June 23, teams are creating scenarios. In the hopes of acquiring winnow veterans.

NBA Mock Draft 2022- Creating Scenarios

This mock draft is based on what we believe the NBA teams will do and not what we would do.

NBA Mock Draft 2022- Based on Predictions

That thin frame is what causes nerves in scouts. Teams are still unsure if Holmgren will undergo a physical.

NBA Mock Draft 2022- Are Still Unsure

Thunder at No. 2 and many league members believe that Holmgren will be the Oklahoma City Thunder's pick.

Image Source- SB Nation

NBA Mock Draft 2022- Thunder at No. 2

If Orlando takes Smith then Multiple rival teams believe that Ivey could also be attractive to the Thunder.

Image Source- The Score

NBA Mock Draft 2022- Multiple Rival Teams

Holmgren was a far better defender than Smith and projects more at the passer and passer.

NBA Mock Draft 2022- Far Better Defender

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