The league announced a program to pay former players who played in the ABA, but did not qualify for the NBA.

Former ABA Players- League Announced

Former ABA Players- Will be Play

The league will pay $24.5million in total, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, stated that both current players and team governors felt the need.

Former ABA Players- NBA Commissioner

On behalf of former ABA players, who are aging and often facing difficult economic situations.

Former ABA Players- Former ABA Player

These pioneers made significant contributions to professional basketball, and we believe it's appropriate.

Former ABA Players- Significant Contributions

Recognition payments will be made to approximately 115 former ABA players, who played at most three seasons.

Former ABA Players- Playments Made

The league announced that former ABA players who are eligible will be paid an annual $3,828 payment.

Former ABA Players- Eligible be Paid

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For example, a player who played five seasons would be paid $19,140 annually.

Former ABA Players- Five Seasons

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