NBA Report- Hiring Practices

The A+ was awarded to the NBA for its racial hiring practices. A B+ was awarded for gender hiring practices.

Both the league and team office levels saw a positive trend in women. With 43.4%, the NBA league offices.

NBA Report- Team Office

NBA Report- Vice President

The team vice president and the team senior management categories also saw an increase, with 39% and 30%.

The 2021-22 season saw 82.4% players from people of color, which is the highest percentage.

NBA Report- People of Color

These are the faces of both national and local teams. They often become the focal point of any inquiry.

NBA Report- Local Teams

In the past season, 50% of general managers were people of color. This is an increase of 40%.

NBA Report- General Managers

Both Darvin Ham (African American coach) and Mike Brown (Hawks Sacramento Kings hired them.

NBA Report- African American

NBA Report- Head Coaches

The league's 2011-12 record of 14 Black or African American head coaches had been broken.

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