The NBA change to "take foul" during games is on the verge of being punished, beginning in 2022-23.

NBA Foul Rule- Being Punished

NBA Foul Rule- Competition Committeee

It is reported that the NBA's Competition Committee is moving forward with a plan to provide offensive teams.

An extra free shot and possession when the defense team uses an take-foul, as reported by sources.

NBA Foul Rule- Extra Free Shot

The committee met the in Las Vegas over the weekend to discuss rules-change suggestions.

NBA Foul Rule- Las Vegas Weekend

The recommendations of the committee on rule changes will be presented into the Board of Governors.

NBA Foul Rule- Recommendations

Take fouls were often utilized by defense teams to stop fast-break chances in which defense team.

NBA Foul Rule- Utilized by Defense Team

Following the take foul teams on the offense had allowed to take the ball out of the bounds.

NBA Foul Rule- Take Foul Teams


Another suggestion the committee will present to the BOG for approval is enforcement.

NBA Foul Rule- BOG for Approval

Image Source-Bleacher Report

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