NBA Schedule- Regular Season

The NBA has released the regular-season schedule for 2022-23, which will run from Oct. 18 through April 9.

The teams will play between 12 to 15 back-to-backs, and between seven and twelve stretches of three games.

NBA Schedule- Back to Back

NBA Schedule- Opening Night

The schedules for Christmas Day and opening night were previously leaked by the league.

The NBA announced that it would not host games on Election Day to "encourage fans to make plans.

NBA Schedule- Encourage Fans

The league's tournament play-in, which features the seventh through tenth-place teams from each conference.

NBA Schedule- Each Conference

Minnesota Timberwolves will compete with Utah Jazz on Dec. 9 & Second Match will be held on Feb 8.

NBA Schedule- Timberwolves vs Jazz

In the second match, Dallas Mavericks will host New York Knicks in which Jalen Brunson will face Loka Doncic.

NBA Schedule- Mavericks vs Knicks

NBA Schedule- 76ers vs Heat

On the Other Hand 76ers will faceoff Miami Heat on Feb 27, March 1, & April 6 respectively.

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