Drew Brees is one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history. He could be somewhat under-rated.

New Orleans Saints- NFL History

New Orleans Saints- Sean Payton

Sean Payton might be underrated Sean Payton is also underrated. His resume could lead him to the Pro Football.

The first time Payton and Brees joined their team, the New Orleans Saints, the franchise was nothing.

New Orleans Saints- Joined the Team

For the last 15 years the Saints played a fun, effective offense. In the end, when defense was excellent.

New Orleans Saints- 15 Years in Saints

Then, some terrible luck in the playoffskept them from a single Super Bowl berth, but it was a fantastic run.

New Orleans Saints- Terrrible Luck

The era of Breslin is gone. Brees was fired at the end of the season of 2020. Payton was added.

New Orleans Saints- At the End

Retirement, I don't think is the right word today," Payton stated after stepping down, according to WWL.

New Orleans Saints- Retirement

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But the most successful event in Saints history is now over. Maybe it won't be long before we begin a new one.

New Orleans Saints- History

Image Source- Canal Street Chronicles

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