We often imagine that the New York Giants as the blue blood of an NFL franchise.

New York Giants- A Blue Blood

They've won four Lombardi Trophies. Many excellent players are part Giants history.

New York Giants- Lombardi Trophies

The reality is that it was a while ago that the Giants had anything to be proud of.

New York Giants- It was a While Ago

Since February. 5 in 2012, they've never won any playoff games (though it was a huge victory.

New York Giants- Since 2012

They've made it to the playoffs one time since, when were blown out of their wild card round.

New York Giants- Playoffs One Time

Two Super Bowl runs with Eli Manning have provided the Giants an advantage that other teams.

Image Source- NY Post

New York Giants- Two Super Bowls

In the 10+ years which have passed since the Giants won their last playoff game the team has made a mess.

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

New York Giants- 10+ Years

The mistakes include hiring coaches who aren't right giving Dave Gettleman too much time as a general manager.

New York Giants- Hiring Coaches

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