Pittsburg Pirates- National League

The New York Mets established their lead over the National League East in part by consuming other teams.

The not-rans are fighting back. the division title that was almost certainly during the summer and spring seems.

Pittsburg Pirates- Fighting Back

New York failed to get runners to third base in the game against Keller (5-10) as well as also dropping.

Pittsburg Pirates- Game Against

The manager Buck Showalter hardly seemed bothered about the spot that his team was sitting on from April 12.

Pittsburg Pirates- Hardly Seemed

The loss cut the lead of New York over Atlanta to a half-game, with the Braves playing later.

Pittsburg Pirates- Playing Later

The Mets have only managed to score four runs in a slump that started with two losses against Washington.

Pittsburg Pirates- Two Losses

Image Source- Wall Street Journal

Pittsburg Pirates- Miserable Evening

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Then, it was exacerbated by a miserable evening at the tepid PNC Park against last-place Pittsburgh.

New York is averaging more than 3 runs three times in its past 13 games, dating back to August 22.

Pittsburg Pirates- Three Times

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