Phil Mickelson is one of the greatest golfers of all time, winning more than 50 championship.

Phil Mickelson- Greatest Golfer

Phil Mickelson- 52 Years Old

Although he is known for his golf however, the 52-year old is known more for his affable manner.

But did you realize the one of his golfers has been making fun of the man for a long time?

Phil Mickelson- Making fun

It appears that the PGA Tour pro-golfer and the veteran were grouped together during the 2nd round.

Phil Mickelson- Pro Golfer

The Aussie has revealed his reasons and the time he began to resent the 6-time major champion.

Phil Mickelson- His Seasons

As a lover of the game at the time, the 15-year-old was thrilled to receive the autographs of his top golfers.

Phil Mickelson- Was Thrilled

"Lucas, 11 years late," Mickelson wrote on his glove, and handed it over to the professional golfer.

Phil Mickelson- Wrote His Gloves

Image Source- The Guardian

The one-time PGA Tour winner stated that the glove would be framed in his most prized possessions.

Phil Mickelson- PGA Tour Winner

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

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