According to reports "NFL Sunday Ticket" is likely to be canceled by DirectTV.

NFL Sunday Tickets- Direct TV Reports

NFL Sunday Tickets- Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell all but confirmed that on Friday. The NFL commissioner said to CNBC the agency.

That he thinks that the league will be shifted to a streaming service when the current contract.

NFL Sunday Tickets- League Shifted

I am certain that we will move to streaming," Goodell said. "I believe that this is the best option for the consumer.

NFL Sunday Tickets- Move to Streaming

Goodell refused to speculate about exactly where the service is going to take place.

NFL Sunday Tickets- To Speculate

The last point is a fact that is true to a wide section of soccer fans. "Sunday Ticket" debuted in 1994 on DirectTV.

NFL Sunday Tickets- Wide Section

Except for a few exceptions, those who want to view outside of-market football games from home.

NFL Sunday Tickets- Few Exception

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If you don't currently have a subscription, this means changing providers, getting the satellite set up.

NFL Sunday Tickets- Have Subscription

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