Disney, Apple, and Amazon all submitted bids for the broadcast rights to the National Football League's Sunday Ticket package.

NFL Sunday Tickets- Submitted Bids

According to sources familiar with the matter, the bids were submitted weeks ago by all three companies.

NFL Sunday Tickets- Sources Familiar

The NFL is still in discussions with all three bidders to decide which partner to choose.

NFL Sunday Tickets- Still in Discussion

Three people familiar with the matter said that the NFL would not allow any buyer to pay more then $2 billion for rights.

NFL Sunday Tickets- People Familiar

Since its previous mobile agreement ended with Verizon, the NFL's mobile rights could also be included in the package.

NFL Sunday Tickets- Mobile Agreement

DirecTV paid $1.5 million per year to Sunday Ticket for its existing rights. These rights expire after the 2022-23.

NFL Sunday Tickets- $1.5 Million

Sources said that the NFL demanded a 100% increase in its primary game packages last season.

NFL Sunday Tickets- 100% Increase

An announcement is not necessary as DirecTV will already offer Sunday Ticket for next season.

NFL Sunday Tickets- DirecTV Rights

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