SUPER BOWL- Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills still haven't got over the result of last season's coin flip against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Many believe that the Bills could be the defending Super Bowl champions if Josh Allen had called.

SUPER BOWL- Josh Allen


The Chiefs won the toss and took the ball from Buffalo. They never gave up on the Bills in the NFL.

The future could be very different in 2022. Buffalo has high expectations going into the season.

SUPER BOWL- High Expectations

They are the favorite to win the Super Bowl, and they are expected to be the best in the NFL season.

SUPER BOWL- Favourite Pick

His preseason power rankings ranked Buffalo No. 1. This assessment is supported by the betting market.

SUPER BOWL- Power Rankings

Only the Buccaneers are more likely to reach the playoffs. The Bills missed the playoffs 17 times.

SUPER BOWL- Likely to Playoff

SUPER BOWL- Past Five Seasons

They have now made it to the playoffs in four of the past five seasons and in three consecutive seasons.

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