On the 18th of July, rookies of the Buffalo Bills and Las Vegas Raiders will begin reporting for training camp.

NFL Training Camp- Rookies

NFL Training Camp- Under the Guidance

The Raiders under the guidance of the director of football Josh McDaniels - will play the opening game.

Jacksonville Jaguars in the Hall of Fame Game on August. 4. First full week in NFL preseason games.

NFL Training Camp- Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Game participants take part in four preseason games. the other teams are playing three.

NFL Training Camp- Game Participants

The dates for reporting to training camps are required, with rookies reporting earlier than veterans.

NFL Training Camp- Dates of Reporting

The rookies will begin training camp in the coming week, and most NFL camps will require reports.

NFL Training Camp- Required Reports

After all players from the league that they have reported, the journey towards the 2022 season.

NFL Training Camp- Season of 2022

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A preseason of three play will begin in August. After that, the reigning Super Bowl champion.

NFL Training Camp- Super Bowl Champion

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