Nick Bosa- Next Offseason

The waiting for the extension of Nick Bosa's contract is likely to last until the next offseason in NFL.

General Manager John Lynch on Tuesday in the press conference prior to training camp spoke.

Nick Bosa- General manager

Nick Bosa- Give an Explanation

The manager did give an explanation for why there's not been any buzz around an extension for Bosa.

"I believe the most important thing I'd like to share with you is, if you take a look at our past and our cadence.

Nick Bosa- Most Important

You'll notice that a majority of our deals are concluded with one year remaining in the agreement.

Nick Bosa- Majority of Deals

Nick has two years left and that doesn't mean the deal is impossible, but it makes it more likely will be addressed.

Nick Bosa- Deal is Impossible

You can't ever say never but here's something I know for sure, so the time goes on Nick Bosa is going to play.

Nick Bosa- Going to Play

Nick Bosa- Will be Rewarded

Image Source- Niner Noise

His time is coming, and when it comes and he'll be rewarded with what he's earned.

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