Nick Bosa- Joint Practice

49ers' joint practices are seeing an increase in defensive tackle Javon Kinlo. One play impressed Nick Bosa.

Bosa shared with the group that someone had sent Kinlaw video from Wednesday's team scrimmage.

Nick Bosa- Team Scrimmage

Nick Bosa- Fliming from the Top

Someone was filming from the top, and [Kinlaw] just smashed through some guys and knocked them.

Bosa noticed a change in energy when he was surrounded by a happier and healthier Kinlaw.

Nick Bosa- Change in Energy

Bosa said that he can see his third-year lineman on the field but can't see the rest of the team.

Nick Bosa- Third Year Lineman

He's got everything you need to be super dominant, he just needs to practice it for the NFL.

Nick Bosa- Super Dominant

Kinlaw is noticeably slimmer and is often seen on the practice fields dancing to the music with more energy.

Nick Bosa- Noteceably Slimmer

Nick Bosa- Live Pain Free

Image Source- NBC Sports

Kinlaw was able to live pain-free after a second operation on his injured knee in November 2021.

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