It shouldn't come as a shock it is Nick Bosa ranks among the top edge rushers in NFL.

Nick Bosa- Shocking

Nick Bosa- Defensive Player

The fourth-year defensive player quickly made himself a leading threat from the edge in his first season.

ESPN conducted a survey of the league's more than 50 executives, coaches players, and scouts.

Nick Bosa- A Survey

Requested them to rate the best edge rushers. Bosa placed third, behind Pittsburgh Steelers' T.J. Watt.

Nick Bosa- Best Edge Rushers

"Not much can demonstrate Bosa's skill as clearly as this graphic by ESPN writers on sports analytics Seth Walder.

Nick Bosa- His Skills

Bosa was faced with doubles on more than 70% of the plays in 2021. He still racked up 15.5 sacks.

Nick Bosa- 70% Plays

"Consistent product," an NFL personnel evaluator said to ESPN. "A closer. Always a player who is an impact. "

Nick Bosa- NFL Evaluator

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Bosa achieved a respectable third-place finish following his rookie year in 2019. He and then dropped five spots.

Nick Bosa- Third Place Finish

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