Nick Chubb- Long Developed

Nick Chubb has long developed an enviable name as a gym star as well as the ex- Georgia star.

Chubb was able to lift 610 pounds during the finals at the high school he attended.

Nick Chubb- The Finals

 Nick Chubb- Determined

Cedartown, as he is determined to be the best in his training to play in this NFL season.

Chubb in 2017 also put on a 600-pound max performance during his time at Georgia.

 Nick Chubb- Max Performance

The previous year, Chubb knocked out two Squat reps that were 600 pounds as well as the power clean.

 Nick Chubb- Power Clean

In the spring of this year Chubb, the Former Georgia Bulldog star went with one repetition.

 Nick Chubb- Georgia Bulldog

This past Tuesday Chubb shared a short video clip doing two clean sets of 405 pounds at his high school.

 Nick Chubb- Set of

Image Source- Forbes

Nick Chubb at Cedartown High School in GA training at the Williams Stength Facility equipped.

 Nick Chubb- High School

Image Source- Cleveland

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