Nick Kyrgios- Major Breakthrough

Nick Kyrgios had a major breakthrough in the summer of this year, making the Grand Slam final for the first time.

Kyrgios is a fervent Celtics fan who is always wearing memorabilia from the team to his games.

Nick Kyrgios- Celtics Fan

Jon Wertheim asked Kyrgios in the middle of summer whether the Celtics love "had any carryover to his tennis.

Nick Kyrgios- Asked Whether

"I've literally thrown tennis matches if they've lost in like, double overtime," Kyrgios said to Wertheim.

Nick Kyrgios- Tennis Matches

Kyrgios did not give an example of a time when the player could have played in the ball following a poor Celtics loss.

Nick Kyrgios- Celtics Loss

One occasion when he didn't have a reliable internet connection to stream the Celtics occurred during a traumatic loss.

Nick Kyrgios- Internet Connection

You don't know what you're missing until you've tried streaming the NBA playoff game from your smartphone.

Nick Kyrgios- Tried Streaming

Image Source- Sky News

Nick Kyrgios- Different Level

Image Source- Sporting News

It's one thing to see the team you're with losing but it's an entirely different level of suffering when you're watching.

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