Nick Mullens- Carrying Four Players

The Raiders were carrying four players at the time of week 2 in the season opener. The team is now one less.

As per Tom Pelissero, the Raiders have dealt Nick Mullens to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for a 2024.

Nick Mullens- Minnesota Vikings

Nick Mullens- Unrestricted Agent

It was reported that the Raiders hired Mullens as an unrestricted free agent in the offseason.

Mullens is performing well throughout three preseason games, making 72.4 per cent of passes.

Nick Mullens- Well Throughout

He had a passer's score of 103.4 and was able to perform sufficiently to be given another shot in Minnesota.

Nick Mullens- Passer's Score

It's important to mention that to allow the Raiders to be able to secure a spot at 2024's NFL Draft.

Nick Mullens- Able to Secure

Mullens just has to play only for one game with his team the Vikings in the forthcoming season.

Nick Mullens- Forthcoming Season

Image Source- Business Insider

Nick Mullens- Quarterbacks

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The loss of Mullens will likely seal Jarrett Stidham's role as the No. 2nd quarterback for Las Vegas.

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