Nikola Jokic- Denver Nuggets

There's a reason Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets is currently an MVP twice. The big man is really special. 

He is a great ball handler and leader and a fantastic assist maker. If you take the time to study his data.

Nikola Jokic- Great Ball

Nikola Jokic- Average Points

Jokic is averaging 19.7 scoring per contest, which is less than town's Karl-Anthony's 23.2 and Joel Embiid's 26.

However, when you factor in the career "points plus points generated by assists" per game.

Nikola Jokic- Points Generated

It is clear how Jokic scores an average of 34.7 points, whereas Embiid has 33.6 as well Towns is 30.3.

Nikola Jokic- An Average

This proves that Jokic truly is the most crucial player in his team and is much more than just a huge body.

Nikola Jokic- Crucial Player

They are able to see an enormous 6'11" center who is a hefty and muscular figure and believe he's simply.

Nikola Jokic- An Enormous

Image Source- NY Times

The way he finds those who are playing with him is often an art work and is quite awe-inspiring.

Nikola Jokic- Awe Inspiring

Image Source- USA Today

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