The electric truck manufacturer Nikola was once more in the process of getting shareholders' approval.

Nikola Motors- Electric Truck

Nikola Motors- Has been Stopped

Nikola said Monday that this measure has been stopped by the company's now-deceased founder.

In a short webcast on Monday the chairman Steven Girsky said that while the vote on the plan.

Nikola Motors- Short Webcast

To issue shares in new shares is more close than it was just a couple of weeks ago, the total is still short.

Nikola Motors- In New Shares

Nikola's shares were essentially the same in after-hours trading following the meeting ended.

Nikola Motors- Hours of Trading

Nikola is looking to raise funds by issuing new shares and this requires approval from shareholders.

Nikola Motors- To Raise Funds

The annual shareholders meeting was canceled after its former CEO and founder, Trevor Milton.

Nikola Motors- Meet was Canceled

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The meeting was briefly reopened on June 30 only to be called off once more because the plan.

Nikola Motors- Once More

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