Nissan Ariya- Fully Electric SUV

Now in 2022, the company will make another huge splash with its first-ever fully electric SUV, the all-new Ariya.

Nissan Ariya will go head to head with the likes of the electric Tesla Model Y, Mustang Mach-E, BMW iX, Lexus RZ, and Audi e-tron. 

Nissan Ariya- One of the Best Competitors

Nissan Ariya- First Look of the SUV

The Nissan Ariya looks well-proportioned, sporty, sharp, and unique. It is a huge leap forward from the Leaf.

Its top version has a 91 kWh battery, a choice of two or four-wheel drive & has a range of up to 310 miles 

Nissan Ariya- Driving Range

Nissan Ariya- Pricing od the Car

Nissan Ariya EV 2022 model boasts a starting price of around $47,000 for the two-wheel model.

Japanese words to inspire their global design team to create the Ariya’s exterior, words like sleek, sharp, and seamless.

Nissan Ariya- Exteriors of the Car

Nissan Ariya- High-Tech Used Inside

Nissan instead calls their grille a ‘shield,’ as it shields hi-tech cameras, radar, & sensors that assist the car’s self-driving system and ACC.

Using the Alexa function, Nissan drivers can use voice commands to unlock or lock their vehicle remotely, honk the horn, etc.

Nissan Ariya- Amazon Alexa Combination

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