The Denver Nuggets will trade Will Barton and Monte Morris to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Kentavious Caldwell.

Nuggets & Wizards- Exchanging

The first step he took following the takeover of basketball operations following the Tim Connelly's departure. 

Nuggets & Wizards- Basketball

Nuggets general manager Calvin Booth came to a deal with the team to pay the luxury tax once more.

Nuggets & Wizards- The GM of Team

Denver owners Stan Kroenke, who also is the owner of his own Colorado Avalanche, Los Angeles Rams and Arsenal F.C.

Nuggets & Wizards- All Owns Team

He among other sports franchises, is among of the richest billionaires worldwide, according to Forbes.

Nuggets & Wizards- Sport Franchise

Barton has played in the recent seven years with the Nuggets with averaging of 14 points & 5 Rebounds.

Nuggets & Wizards- Played with Team

The 31-year-old forward will be remaining in the league until the end of the two-year contract worth $30 million.

Nuggets & Wizards- Contract Worth

Morris was 27, who played as a replacement for the injured Denver player Jamal Murray last season.

Nuggets & Wizards- Injury of Player

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