As the world's leading producer of graphic cards Nvidia stock has enjoyed an impressive bull run.

Nvidia Stock- Leading Producer

Nvidia Stock- Down by 47%

However, that surge was abruptly ended at the closing of 2021. In 2022, the price has dropped by 47%.

Nvidia's decline is significant even when compared to other down companies in the semiconductor industry.

Nvidia Stock- Significant Decline

The company, however is doing well, which makes the stock an interesting contrarian investment.

Nvidia Stock- Investment

The chip maker generated $8.29 billion in revenue in the first quarter of fiscal year.

Nvidia Stock- Revenue Generated

Paul Pelosi exercised 200 call options on Nvidia (that expire on the 17th of June) at a strike cost of $100.

Nvidia Stock- Different Call Option

The Senate is scheduled to take up the bipartisan competition bill, which will include a $50 billion tax.

Nvidia Stock- Competition Bill

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Visa held a four-for-1 share split on March of 2015 and the IPO price on a split-adjusted basis of $11.

Nvidia Stock- Share Split

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IT hardware and services firm IBM Corp beat quarterly revenue expectations on Monday.

IBM Q2 Revenue Estimate Issue