Using the new Oceanic+ App on Apple Watch Ultra, you can get all of the critical information you need at a glance.

The Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra is designed to replicate the functions of an advanced dive computer,

This includes a dive planner, quick access to key information, and detailed post-dive summaries.

In addition, the app uses the Apple Watch Ultra display to display water temperature, depth graphs, and an estimated time to surface.

. The app also indicates how far the diver is from the surface, as well as whether or not the diver is descending or ascending too fast.

The app also provides warnings for dangers such as high water temperature and low oxygen concentration.

If you are planning a dive, you can set the time, gas mix, and compass heading using the Oceanic+ App.

After the dive, the app will automatically display the dive profile, dive location data, and a no-decompression limit.

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