It is believed that the National League Rookie of the Year race has been open for the opening two.

Oneil Cruz- Rookie of the Year

Seiya Suzuki MacKenzie Gore and Nolan Gorman have been spending most of the time at the top of betting.

Oneil Cruz- Most of the Time

The weekend before over the weekend, the Pittsburgh Pirates called up shortstop Oneil Cruz.

Oneil Cruz- Pittsburg Pirates

He had a great first game in the regular season hitting 2-for-5 and four RBIs in the plate.

Oneil Cruz- Great First Game

He also registered the longest-running throw ever made by an infielder in the field.

Oneil Cruz- Longest Running Throw

Cruz has a current odds of at +600 to be the NL, the Rookie of the Year The fourth highest odds.

Image Source- Peachtree Hoops

Oneil Cruz- Current Odds

Oneil Cruz has been listed as the 22nd-best player in the game. At 6 feet 7 inches, he's the tallest shortstop

Image Source- Soaring Down South

Oneil Cruz- 22nd Best Player

He's a great runner and is armed with a cannon an arm. All the tools are in place and that's the reason.

Oneil Cruz- Is a Great Runner

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