Oneil Cruz who is the Pirates' Statcast darling of prospects as well as a lefty hitter with a staggering amount of power.

Oneil Cruz- Pirates Star

One of the best homers that were hit in this game was from Cruz who's becoming more and more impressive every day.

Oneil Cruz- One of the Best Homers

There was no place where the shortstop's raw power was more evident than right here, in the front row.

Oneil Cruz- Raw Power

Actually, Pedersen messaged him the moment Cruz's homer proved too for any player to handle.

Oneil Cruz- Player to Handle

"I just said, 'Everything you taught me ... well, it was all for naught,' " said Pedersen as he recalled the moment.

Oneil Cruz- Recalled the Moment

When Richard failed to hit it, and no one else was able to catch it the ball bounced.

Image Source- Sporting News

Oneil Cruz- Failed to Hit It

While the Pedersens were trying to determine the reason for what occurred.

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Oneil Cruz- The Reason is

For the majority of his youth living in Hong Kong, Pedersen -his father was an attorney has played a lot of international baseballs.

Oneil Cruz- International Baseball

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