It didn't take too long for Pirates superstar Oneil Cruz to shine during his 2022 debut.

Oneil Cruz- Pirates Superstar

With one out in third inning's top of the inning Monday the team's No. 3 prospect walked towards third base.

Oneil Cruz- Third Innings Top

The 23-year-old threw the most powerful recorded throw of an infielder in the season with it was a 96.7 speed bullet.

Oneil Cruz- Powerful Recorded Throw

One infielder has ever made a throw that is more powerful than this in the Statcast time period.

Oneil Cruz- More Powerful Than

Fernando Tatis Jr., who has twice beaten Cruz but was able to surpass him by flashing 97.3 mph.

Oneil Cruz- Twice Beaten

Cruz had already posted the most powerful ball hit (112.1 miles per hour) and the three fastest.

Image Source- Pitsburgh Post Gazette

Oneil Cruz- Three Fastest

It was an Statcast show. We've already said his infielder has the best to throw in the entire season.

Image Source- Pitsburgh Post Gazette

Oneil Cruz- Best to Throw in Entire Season

The ball he passed was also the strongest ball that a Pirates player has ever hit in the entire time.

Oneil Cruz- Pirates Player Ever Hit

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