SEC helps leader Blake Burkhalter The last eight batters were retired to save the win. 14 Auburn's win of 4-3 on Monday.

Oregon State vs Auburn- Eight Batters

Oregon State to win the Corvallis Super Regional at Goss Stadium, sending the Tigers to the College World Series.

Oregon State vs Auburn- Goss Stadium

"We're very grateful," Auburn coach Butch Thompson said. "To have the ability to travel back to Omaha this quickly.

Oregon State vs Auburn- Butch Thompson

When Burkhalter hit OSU's Garret Forrester in the final pitch, the team greeted him at the pitcher's moundand piled on the celebration.

Oregon State vs Auburn- The Final Pitch

"I was mentally prepared for the game," said Burkhalter of his 15th save. "I had a conversation with Huddy.

Oregon State vs Auburn- Mentally Prepared

Auburn had only one hit over the first five innings and then three during the game, however, the Tigers were able to count them.

Image Source- New York Post

Oregon State vs Auburn- One Hit Over

After Cole Foster He drew a bases loaded walk with two outs at the top of the third Sonny DiChiara.

Image Source- CBS Sport

Oregon State vs Auburn- Bases Loaded Walk

DiChiara, who was the only Auburn player to score two of its three hits. "I'm glad we were able to keep the bats off."

Oregon State vs Auburn- Only Auburn

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