Panthers vs Commanders- Announced

The Carolina Panthers are one day closer to announcing their starting quarterback before the start.

Sam Darnold completed a touchdown pass, and Baker Mayfield was solid with the exception of a fumbled snap.

Panthers vs Commanders- Sam Darnold

Panthers vs Commanders- Favourite

Although Mayfield seems to be the favorite, based on training camp and Mayfield's trade for him.

Mayfiled and Darnold are not separated in the race. It could still take some time before the winner.

Panthers vs Commanders- The Winner

Mayfield stated that "our mentality is best suited for just putting our heads down, and going to work.

Panthers vs Commanders- Our Mentality

Mayfield was the starter and completed four out of seven passes for 45 yards. He ran for 3 yards on the play.

Panthers vs Commanders- Seven Passes

After a Washington's Antonio Gibson fumble, Darnold and Carolina took over in the red zone.

Panthers vs Commanders- Red Zone

Image Source- Pahthers Wire

Panthers vs Commanders- Second Drive

Image Source- Hogs Haven

Darnold returned to for a second drive. He threw incomplete on the third down and completed.

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