Paolo Banchero- Orlando Magic

It took only two games for the Orlando Magic to pull first generally pick Paolo Banchero.

Accepting they had seen enough of the great degree of play that made him their person at June.

Paolo Banchero- Accepting

Paolo Banchero- Jordan Brand

Similar as the Magic, Jordan Brand is acting quickly to secure the administrations of Banchero.

NBA insider Shams Charania previously detailed the news recently, saying that Banchero.

Paolo Banchero- NBA Insider

He would join a program that incorporates veterans like Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Russell Westbrook.

Paolo Banchero- Join a Program

Banchero amusingly played school at Duke, the main adversary of Michael Jordan's place of graduation.

Paolo Banchero- Amusingly

In his green bean season, he was agreement Second-Team All-American, First Team All-ACC.

Paolo Banchero- Green Bean

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He was Duke's top player during a rush to the Final Four, where the Blue Devils at last tumbled.

Paolo Banchero- Top Player

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