Paolo Banchero- Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic tenderfoot Paolo Banchero got back to his old neighborhood on Saturday.

Put on an act, dropping 50 Points in the yearly Crawsover Pro-Am in Seattle, Washington.

Paolo Banchero- 50 Points

Paolo Banchero- Collaborations

Banchero collaborated with Oklahoma City Thunder tenderfoot Chet Holmgren in the challenge.

Chet Holmgren added 34 Points, 14 rebounds back and four hindered shots.

Paolo Banchero- Chet Holmgren

The No. 1 pick had all that functioning in the show game, which was live-gushed on

Paolo Banchero- Show Game

He got to the crate effortlessly and tossed down various feature reel dunks, including two or three edge.

Paolo Banchero- Effortless

The challenge denoted the second consecutive year Banchero showed up in the game.

Paolo Banchero- Challenge

Image Source- FL Teams

They have a longstanding companionship tracing all the way back to when Banchero.

Paolo Banchero- Longstanding

Image Source- Orlando Magazine

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