Paolo Banchero- Heated Argument

 Paolo Banchero (Orland Magic rookie) got into a heated argument.

Murray feigned Banchero, the No. 1 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, at one point during pro-am.

Paolo Banchero- Pro-Am

Paolo Banchero- Posted a Clip

Banchero posted a clip showing Murray's fake on himself and asked Murray why he made it "personal".

Lol unfollowed my on tha Gram n everything it must have been personal huh?" It's okay.

Paolo Banchero- Its Okay

Banchero wrote then that he was the "same humble child always vouched to support u bro."

Paolo Banchero- Support U Bro

Do not change tha story for the internet. Shout IT tho to make it a memorable event.

Paolo Banchero- Memorable Event

It is not clear what Murray's relationship was with Banchero prior to the game, or before the Magic drafted.

Paolo Banchero- Magic Drafted

The Spurs traded Murray (a six-year veteran) to the Hawks last month in exchange for forward Danilo Galinari.

Paolo Banchero- Exchange For Forward

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