Paolo Banchero- Orlando Magic

Paolo Banchero and Dejounte Murray of the Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks, respectively.

The first game was played just two months ago at Tacoma Community College in Washington.

Paolo Banchero- Community College

Paolo Banchero- Overall Pick

Banchero, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2022 draft recently had an online fight with Murray who is a five-year.

It happened after they got on each other's nerves in a game played at Isaiah Thomas' annual summer pro-am.

Paolo Banchero- A Game Played

The beef began with Murray made up a fake Banchero then then proceeded to throw an ego-centric pass.

Paolo Banchero- Ego Centric Pass

The latest time, it was on Instagram which is where the two players were able to throw the shade at one another.

Paolo Banchero- Able to Throw

The heated argument caused Murray to de-follow Banchero from the popular social platform.

Paolo Banchero- Heated Arguments

Paolo Banchero- First Meetings

Image Source- The Fayetteville Observer

After their first meeting and the subsequent friction, all attention has been focused on the two players.

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