Pascal Siakam- Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors struck gold when they brought in Pascal Siakam in the 2016 NBA Draft, but even the biggest admirer.

Cameroonian power forward wouldn't imagine that he'd become one of the top athletes in the NBA.

Pascal Siakam- Top Athletes

Pascal Siakam- Under Max Contract

Siakam is signed under a max contract that will keep Siakam on the roster in Toronto throughout the following seasons.

While max contracts tend to be a single-point solution to making sure that the salary cap is secured.

Pascal Siakam- Single Point Solution

The Real Value graph of HoopsHype is heavily based on a measure called Global Rating.

Pascal Siakam- The Global Leaders

The chart above indicates that Siakam has rapidly become one of the NBA's most sought-after assets.

Pascal Siakam- Chart Indicates

Siakam was placed 15th as the most valued athlete in the NBA with a Real Value of over $43 million.

Pascal Siakam- Real Value Contract

Image Source- CBS Sports

Pascal Siakam- Other Popular Names

Image Source- USATODAY

Siakam was ranked ahead of other names such as Kawhi Leonard Damian Lillard, and Anthony Davis.

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